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On February 13th 2011, Robin organized to meet some of her single co-workers at Mac Laren's Pub to celebrate single life and protest Valentine's Day. This is where she met Barney, who tried hitting on her at first, but she rejects him.

Barney comes back later that night to apologize, and the two end up talking about laser tag the entire night (Barney explains the game and an upcoming tournament to Nora, who doesn't know anything about it).

This is but a tiny window into the broader mechanism of the mainstream music industry.

An industry where (a select few, should you be so blessed as to stand out from your competition) musicians rise and rise only to fall into relative obscurity after their stratospheric climb.

If he strategically angles his handheld device away from you so you can't see the person with whom he's communicating, that's a red flag.

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A fast-paced machine that values 'freshness' over depth. I started thinking about it when I did that Blue Note 75 Anniversary Concert, and I just thought I wanted to play with Wayne Shorter and Brian Blade and John Patitucci again, I thought it would be really fun.They redo their second date later, once Barney is feeling better.She reveals that she wants to one day get married and have children, and Barney tells her he wants the same thing, and the two have fun planning how their future home might look.Nora meets Barney outside a restaurant for their second date, but decides to call it off when she realizes how sick he is.She takes him home to his apartment and takes care of him until he falls asleep.

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