Stopupdatinglocation problem global updating

I am working on an application that uses the phone's current location.

I've created a class that has a CLLocation Manager instance and implements the CLLocation Manager Delegate protocol to get location updates.

Once I receive a "valid" location update (based on how recent or accurate the location update is), I want the location Manager to stop sending updates.

I do this by calling: After the stop Updating Location call, there is no way that start Updating Location can be called again.

I am using location Controller =

Even when I terminate the app by double tapping the home button and closing it, the icon is still there... When I go to the Settings App, it tells me that my app is still using location services (purple icon).

Call this method whenever your code no longer needs to receive location-related events.

Disabling event delivery gives the receiver the option of disabling the appropriate hardware (and thereby saving power) when no clients need location data.

Plea location update auto pause i OS I'm building an i OS app using phonegap.

I'm trying to get i OS to update its current position to my app when the app runs in the background.

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