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I imagine her hair must be plastered to her red, sweaty face, her nostrils flaring, her lip bleeding from biting down too hard, fists clenched in pain.

I actually think I’m pretty good at being Asian — like most of my other Chinese friends, I’m mostly quiet in class, love reading and math, play the piano, am taking tests to skip a grade, voted for our school to allow homework, and have the mushroom haircut. My height stands in the way, puts me in center of attention and gets me picked on when I just want to be left alone. Pride Heads turn as I walk down the covered walkway in my all-female high school. Performing on stage is how I leave my natural shyness behind, and my height helps me be seen and heard. To be honest with you I am not extremely tall but am definitely taller than most of my family members and friends.I was never concerned about my height as much as my parents were. I don’t remember anything about Malaysia but it sounds pretty nice, and I’d like to visit one day. I suck at sports and am a little too flabby and plain to model, but I love these suggestions anyway. I love choral speaking and drama, when I’m standing in the center of our group on stage, reciting our poems, acting out our scenes, knowing that the audience’s eyes will naturally be drawn to me, the tall one in the crowd. I’m out at Ben & Jerry’s with a guy I really like, and we get on the topic of love and relationships. ” I ask, hoping he’ll list a bunch of qualities I have. He’s probably thinking of this dream girl, while I contemplate what he means by “not too tall.” He’s a pretty tall guy himself, about an inch or so taller than me, his bushy hair making him seem taller. My parents are worried I hate being Asian, but I don’t think that’s true. Here, I’m not weird nor special; I’m just like any other person from anywhere on earth who’s decided to make London their home.

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